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Reading 254-109

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Reading 254-109 Edited

(Q) The work of the Association in preparing and presenting
a pamphlet on information given through this channel,
in life readings and general readings, pertaining to the Essenes'
preparation for the coming of Jesus.

The writing of this pamphlet is in the hands of Enid S. Smith
of 503 West 121st Street, New York, City.

(A) Yes, we have the work, the policies and the purposes of
the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Incorporated,
together with information which has been supplied through
this channel - Edgar Cayce; also the work as done on same
by Enid S. Smith. [See 254-107 and 254-108
re. advisability of Essene booklet by Enid Smith.]

As we find, in the main this has been very well done.
There may be made one suggestion as to attempting to make
that presented through these sources conform to that which
is already a part of the public record.
Draw a parallel, rather than attempting to so word or phrase
such paragraphs as to conform.
One would be rather the introduction to the other.

Ready for questions.

(Q) Comment fully on just what the purpose, objectives and
general tone of this pamphlet should be.
(A) This should be the tone:
It is generally conceded by those who are students
- in the Christian faith as well as in many other phases
of spiritual evolution - that there is the expectancy
of a new order, or a fulfilling of or a return to those
activities that may bring about the time for that redemption
of the world; in a return or in an acknowledgement
of that as the basis of the individual instruction or direction.

Then, this pamphlet or paper should give to others an insight
as to what and how there was the physical, mental
and spiritual attitude of that group; as to how those
individuals so well acted their part, and yet
not becoming known in that presented.

So, this may enable individuals and groups to
so prepare themselves as to be channels through which
the more perfect way may be seen.

(Q) What is the correct meaning of the term "Essene"?
(A) Expectancy.

(Q) Was the main purpose of the Essenes to raise up
people who would be fit channels for the birth of
the Messiah who later would be sent out into the world
to represent their Brotherhood?
(A) The individual preparation was the first purpose.
The being sent out into the world was secondary.
Only a very few held to the idea of the realization
in organization, other than that which would come
with the Messiah's pronouncements.

(Q) Were the Essenes called at various times and places
Nazarites, School of the Prophets, Hasidees,
Therapeutae, Nazarenes, and were they a branch
of the Great White Brotherhood, starting in Egypt
and taking as members Gentiles and Jews alike?
(A) In general, yes. Specifically, not altogether.
They were known at times as some of these;
or the Nazarites were a branch or a thought of same, see?

Just as in the present one would say that any
denomination by name is a branch of the Christian
-Protestant faith, see?

So were those of the various groups, though their purpose
was of the first foundations of the prophets
as established, or as understood from the school
of prophets, by Elijah; and propagated and studied
through the things begun by Samuel.

The movement was not an Egyptian one,
though adopted by those in another period
- or an earlier period - and made a part of
the whole movement.
They took Jews and Gentiles alike as members, - yes.

(Q) Please describe the associate membership of the women
in the Essene brotherhood, telling what privileges and restrictions
they had, how they joined the Order, and what their life and work was.
(A) This was the beginning of the period where women were
considered as equals with the men in their activities,
in their abilities to formulate, to live, to be, channels.

They joined by dedication - usually by their parents.
It was a free will thing all the way thorough, but they were restricted
only in the matter of certain foods and certain associations
in various periods - which referred to the sex, as well as
to the food or drink.

(Q) How did Mary and Joseph first come in contact with
the Essenes and what was their preparation for
the coming of Jesus?
(A) As indicated, by being dedicated by their parents.

(Q) Please describe the process of selection and training
of those set aside as holy women such as Mary, Editha [587],
and others as a possible mother for the Christ.
How were they chosen, were they mated, and what was
their life and work while they waited in the Temple?
(A) They were first dedicated and then there was the choice
of the individual through the growths, as to whether they
would be merely channels for general services.

For, these were chosen for special services at various times;
as were the twelve chosen at the time, which may be used
as an illustration.

Remember, these came down from the periods when
the school had begun, you see.

When there were the activities in which there were to be
the cleansings through which bodies were to become
channels for the new race, or the new preparation,
these then were restricted - of course - as to certain
associations, developments in associations, activities
and the like.

We are speaking here of the twelve women, you see
- and all of the women from the very beginning who
were dedicated as channels for the new race, see?

Hence the group we refer to here as the Essenes,
which was the outgrowth of the periods of preparations
from the teachings by Melchizedek, as propagated by Elijah
and Ilisha and Samuel.

These were set aside for preserving themselves in direct line
of choice for the offering of themselves as channels
through which there might come the new or the divine
origin, see?

Their life and work during such periods of preparation
were given to alms, good deeds, missionary activities
- as would be termed today.

(Q) Please tell of the contacts of Thesea [2067], Herod's
third wife, with the Essenes, her meeting with one of the Essene
Wise Men, and what were the names of the two wives preceding her?
(A) There was the knowledge of same through the giving
of information by one of those in the household who had been
so set aside for active service.
Through the manner and conduct of life of that individual, and
the associations and activities, the entity gained knowledge
of that group's activities.

(Q) Please describe the Essene wedding, in temple, of Mary
and Joseph, giving the form of ceremony and customs at that time.
(A) This followed very closely the form outlined in Ruth.
It was not in any way a supplanting but a cherishing of
the sincerity of purpose in the activities of individuals.

When there was to be the association, or the wedding
of Joseph and Mary, - Mary having been chosen as
the channel by the activities indicated upon the stair,
by the hovering of the angel, the enunciation to Anna
and to Judy [1472] and to the rest of those in charge
of the preparations at that time, - then there was to be
sought out the nearer of kin, though not kin in the blood

Thus the lot fell upon Joseph, though he was a much older
man compared to the age ordinarily attributed to Mary
in the period.

Thus there followed the regular ritual in the temple.
For, remember, the Jews were not refrained from
following their rituals.
Those of the other groups, as the Egyptians or
the Parthians, were not refrained from following
the customs to which they had been trained;
which were not carried on in the Jewish temple
but rather in the general meeting place of
the Essenes as a body-organization.

(Q) What parts of the historical material prepared
by Enid Smith should be emphasized in the pamphlet
on Essenism, and how best can this material be handled
in connection with the Essene material from the life readings?
(A) As indicated. By paralleling.

(Q) Are there any other suggestions at this time regarding
this pamphlet?
(A) Make the ceremonies a very beautiful thing, - as may be
drawn from how there is the meeting of individuals, and
thus the announcing of the privileges of both parents concerning
the wedding of those in the Essene group, whether Jew or
those of other faiths or other understandings.
Make of this a beautiful thing, not as of being "sold."

We are through for the present.
Updated: 10 July 2013